Reprex BV

CEEMID has collected since 2014 about 2019 music industry business and policy indicators. In 2020 we decided to launch a Demo Music Observatory in the world’s 2nd ranked university-backed incubator program, the Yes!Delft AI Validation Lab following the structure laid out in the Feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory.

The Demo Music Observatory Pillars:

  1. Music Economy
  2. Diversity & Circulation
  3. Music & Society
  4. Innovation - innovative data applications

We believe that the many of the “missing data” in the Feasibility Study is illusory. Challenge us: we may find it for you, and place it among the weekly updated, freely downloadable, fully documented indicators.

Our aim is to show that a better data map, a better organizational model, examples of research automation and other data integration innovation that can reduce the budgetary needs of the European Music Observatory by 80-90% and provide far more timely, accurate, and relevant service than most data observatories in Europe.