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CEEMID has collected since 2014 about 2019 music industry business and policy indicators. In 2020 we decided to launch a Demo Music Observatory in the world’s 2nd ranked university-backed incubator program, the Yes!Delft AI Validation Lab following the structure laid out in the Feasibility study for the establishment of a European Music Observatory.

The Demo Music Observatory Pillars:

  1. Music Economy
  2. Diversity & Circulation
  3. Music & Society
  4. Innovation - innovative data applications

We believe that the many of the “missing data” in the Feasibility Study is illusory. Challenge us: we may find it for you, and place it among the weekly updated, freely downloadable, fully documented indicators.

Our aim is to show that a better data map, a better organizational model, examples of research automation and other data integration innovation that can reduce the budgetary needs of the European Music Observatory by 80-90% and provide far more timely, accurate, and relevant service than most data observatories in Europe.

Data Applications

Valuing Music

Valuing music and projecting royalty flows.

Music Reports

Reproducible (automatically refreshing) advocacy reports, valuation and grant assessment reports, regulatory filings

Smart Grants

Ex ante and ex post grant evaluation

Listen Local

Connecting local bands with local fans, joining scenes across the globe.

Our Approach To A European Music Observatory

We want reduce data inequalities within Western and Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe, and contribute to a transparent data observatory that is inclusive for all.

Music Exports & Imports

Understanding how concerts, festival audiences and recordings are crossing borders


Demo Music Observatory highlights from our blog

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Meet the Team

Data Scientists


Andrés García Molina, PhD

Data Scientist & Ethnomusicologist


Daniel Antal

Data Scientist & Co-Founder of the Demo Music Observatory



Dr Paul Carr

Professor in Popular Music Analysis


Kátya Nagy

Music Research Assistant


Stef Koenis

Data Scientist & Ethnomusicologist

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